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Perspectives: Podcast Series Episode 3

Perspectives: Podcast Series Episode 3

Welcome to the third episode in our Perspectives podcast series; a series of conversations between our Headmaster, Nicholas Sampson, and his peers and colleagues in education on matters of mutual interest.

In this enlightening podcast, Phillip Heath AM, Head of Barker College, discusses with our Headmaster their pathway to the full implementation of coeducation, exploring how the school’s ethos and rich history paved the way for the transition.

There is an argument that coeducation is good for boys, and not so good for girls for which I’ve seen not a shred of evidence.

(Phillip Heath, AM)

Phillip and Nicholas discuss the importance of finishing your schooling with friends of both genders, and in this way stepping aside from some of the social concerns, deconstructing what is classed as ‘traditional pathways’ for each gender and how coeducational schooling is very much the springboard for the next stage, into tertiary education and beyond.

The fact that some important educational agencies and university colleges are making the change now, gives us a point from which we can dream. It is very exciting.

(Nicholas Sampson)

Providing personal insights and anecdotes, they reflect on the culture of each school, the pastoral culture and the tone of conversation around coeducation. 

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Perspectives Podcast 3: December 2023

We hope you enjoy this latest conversation with our Headmaster, and we welcome your views and questions for the next release in the Perspectives podcast series, due for release in Semester 1 2024, via