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A Message from the Headmaster: HSC Results 2023

A Message from the Headmaster: HSC Results 2023

I am delighted to share with you the outstanding HSC results achieved by our students this year. These results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of both our students and teachers, as well as the strong support given by parents and guardians.  Our school’s commitment to academic rigour has been reflected in these exceptional results.

As we celebrate, it is important to remember that whilst these results are without doubt exceptional, they do not define this cohort of students who have worked so diligently to attain them.  The Cranbrook educational journey extends beyond textbooks, study periods and examination papers and encompasses the values necessary for success in life beyond our school gates. 

I should like to reiterate here that today’s HSC results and the subsequent Sydney Morning Herald HSC Top Schools rankings, in which we are listed at 40, form only part of the Cranbrook Class of 2023 results as our second cohort of IB Diploma students will not receive their results until after 3 January 2024. The published school rankings, therefore, as is the case with all other IB Schools, do not form the whole picture of the Class of 2023’s academic performance. 

Congratulations to Edward Zahra who has been named as our HSC Dux with an outstanding ATAR of 99.65. This is an impressive achievement and Edward deserves our warmest congratulations.  

Alexander Wilson has been named as Proxime Accessit of the 2023 HSC programme with an ATAR of 99.55. Congratulations Alexander.

We very much look forward to sharing with you the IB Dux and Proxime Accessit after 3 January when the IB Diploma results are made available.

This year, 6 boys achieved a rank of between 99 and higher. Congratulations to:

Edward Zahra with 99.65
Alexander Wilson with 99.55
Joseph Bartram with 99.3
Sasha Walter with 99.2
Harley Everingham with 99.05
Oscar Green with 99

A full list of all our top ATARs will be made available in our HSC/IB joint results brochure early next term.

I am delighted to announce our students who have places in the State:

Edward Zahra ranked 2nd in the State in Geography and 9th in the State in Economics
Matthew Radvin ranked 2nd in the State in Studies of Religion 1 as a Year 11 accelerated student
Will Rodgers ranked 3rd in the State in Geography
Tom Gloster ranked 3rd in the State in Mathematics Advanced as a Year 11 accelerated student
Alexander Wilson ranked 4th in the State in Geography
Arlo Johns-Hammond ranked 16th in the State in English Advanced
Joseph Bartram ranked 20th in the State in English Advanced

These results reflect the scope and breadth of excellence across the range of HSC subjects on offer at Cranbrook.

Students who are eligible for naming on the HSC All Round Achievers List have gained 90% or better in ten or more HSC units. This year, 11 Cranbrook boys achieved a place on this prestigious list. Our many congratulations go to:

Andre Anderson, Joseph Bartram, Lewin Fairbairn, Thomas Girle, George Hudson, Arlo Johns-Hammond, Hugo Levy, Stanley Thomson, Alexander Walter, Liam Wolfenden and Edward Zahra.

The Distinguished Achievers List names students who have scored 90% or above in a subject to receive a merit (Band 6 Result) in one or more subjects. We are delighted to announce that 106 Cranbrook students are featured on this list:

Alexander Abrahams, Kaleb Ah-Colt, Andre Anderson, Nicholas Anderson, Alexander Barton, Joseph Bartram, Charles Bickerstaff, Jared Billings, Noah Bloom, Oliver Caddick, Ethan Chan, Thomas Clark, Max Conway, Jasper Dawson-Damer, Jacob Durante, Kaylan Erdogan, 
Harley Everingham, Lewin Fairbairn, Jamie Farthing, Stefan Ferster, Ryan Forato, Remy Forstmann, Jack Fowler, Thomas Gallagher, Adam Gesouras, Samuel Gipson, Thomas Girle, Tom Gloster, Oliver Godfrey-Hill, Oscar Green, Felix Hafner, Maximilian Henderson, Nathaniel Hogan, Frederick Holt, George Hudson, William Hupfau, Hugo Isert, Hugo Ivanovski, Noah Jackson, Arlo Johns-Hammond, Harrison Keith Juod, Joe Katz, Louis Kaye, Julian Kelly, Johnny Kerr, James Konstas, Johnny Konstas, Lachlan Larsson, Aden Laux, Hugo Levy, Tobias Logan, Samuel Lotter, Owen Magee, Alexander Marr, Declan McGillicuddy, Edward McHugh, Benedict McKay, Luke Meyer, Peter Michael, Nicholas Mihailou, Felix Molloy, Ike Musca, Sebastian Ng, Daniel O’Regan, Oliver Patchett, Oliver Patterson, Barnaby Pearson-Cheek, James Pelly, George Perkins, Varun Ponnuswami, Benjamin Poole, Corey Porter, Cameron Pryer, Matthew Radvin, Cooper Rathie, Lachlan Reynolds, James Rivlin, Will Rodgers, Jack Rose, Joe Rouse, Hugo Sartena, Zavier Saunders, Harley Sergis, Luca Shone, Joshua Skelin, Harry Skurnik, Daniel Slade, Angus Stanford, Kade Stenders, Jack Stephens, Matthew Tajer, Ethan Tan, Sebastian Tehan, Stanley Thomson, Albert Toone, George Tsakiris, Thom Vinks, Theodore Walsh, Alexander Walter, Alexander Wilson, Oscar Wilson, Huw Witts, Liam Wolfenden, William Wright, David Yetton and Edward Zahra.

This year’s merits came from a wide range of courses, demonstrating the cultural and intellectual breadth that exists within Cranbrook.

Our performance across the Arts is to be highly commended once more this year with a series of student nominations for possible inclusion in the following NESA Showcases and Exhibitions. 

The following students had their major works nominated for Shape: the programme of exemplary major works from HSC Industrial Technology and HSC Design and Technology: 

Industrial Technology:
James Boyle                     Surfboard and Stand
Stefan Ferster                  Multipurpose Table
Samuel Gipson                Contemporary Bed Frame
Jack Rose                         Tambour Door Shelving Cabinet
Joe Rouse                         Serving Bar

Design and Technology:
Noah Bloom                     Spine Align
Jasper Dawson-Damer  Thermo-Jacket
Charles Punch                 Module 1
Daniel Slade                    EARS (Emergency Audio Rescue Stretcher)

The following student had his Design and Technology major work nominated AND selected for inclusion in Shape:

Lewin Fairbairn               
Last Line

Lewin’s major work will be on display when the exhibition will open on 19 March 2024 at Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay Arts Precinct, Sydney. 

The following students had their major works nominated for OnSTAGE, the programme of exemplary performances and projects from HSC Drama:

Individual Performances:
Nelson Fernando            Biff
Edward McHugh             The recovering male
Dylan Melvey                  A stroll in Bondi
Daniel O’Regan               Dog
James Pelly                      Scaramouche Jones
Stanley Thomson           Bottleneck

Group Performances:
Angus Atkins, James Boyle, Ryan Folden, Finley Ruwald, Hugo Sartena, William Matthew           Tulip Mania       

Nelson Fernando, Thomas Ferster, Jack Fowler, Kade Stenders, Stanley Thomson                          St Louis 1904

Edward McHugh, Felix Molloy, Daniel O’Regan, Thomas Sperling                                                        Communication

Drama Projects:
Joseph Bartrum              Critical Response
James Boyle                     Set Design
Kade Stenders                 Video Drama – Film

The following students have been nominated for possible inclusion in ENCORE; the programme of exemplary performances and compositions from HSC Music courses:

Declan McGillicuddy      French Horn
Jack Stephens                  Percussion

Music Composition:
Edward Zahra                   Bird Cage

It was with great pride that we today welcomed back to the campus some of our Year 12 students for a BBQ to share their news and celebrate their achievements. Many expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their teachers, and we very much look forward to learning of their future achievements at university and beyond.

The HSC results serve as a testament to our commitment to academic excellence and to our dedicated academic staff who have worked tirelessly to create an environment that fosters academic curiosity and a love of learning. 

I am sure that, upon consideration of these wonderful results, that you will join me in commending our Year 12 leavers. ​Further detailed analysis will take place as we receive full information over coming weeks and of course we eagerly await the IB Diploma results after 3 January. We will share the full results across both academic pathways with you early in Term 1 2024.

I should like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to you, parents and guardians, for your unwavering support throughout your son’s Cranbrook academic journey. 

With warmest wishes

Yours sincerely

Nicholas Sampson