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Perspectives: Podcast Series Episode 2

Perspectives: Podcast Series Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode in our Perspectives podcast series: conversations between key members of our academic staff and our Headmaster, Nicholas Sampson.

In this podcast, Michele Marquet, Head of Cranbrook Junior School, discusses with our Headmaster, how Cranbrook celebrates the whole child, the School’s commitment to the elevation of truth, the development of self-knowledge and the creation of a better society. 

They discuss the importance of educational breadth and negating the harmful effects of technology through the cultivation of empathy.

If we cannot construct community, however brilliant the minds we raise, we stretch and deepen, they will function selfishly.

Providing personal insights and anecdotes from his teaching career, and own schooling years, Nicholas Sampson reflects on the vital importance of human interaction and connection in today’s technological world.

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Perspectives Podcast 2: March 2023

We hope you enjoy this latest conversation with our Headmaster, and we welcome your views and questions for the next release in the Perspectives podcast series, due for release in Term 3 2023, via