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A Message from the Headmaster: IB Diploma Results 2022

A Message from the Headmaster: IB Diploma Results 2022

I am delighted to share with you today our inaugural IB Diploma results for the Class of 2022.

We are immensely proud of this first Cranbrook cohort of IB Diploma students who have demonstrated academic rigour, overwhelming resilience and creative flair during the course of their studies and embarked on this journey with the School in its inaugural year, with focus and courage.

Twenty-four Year 12 students sat the IB Diploma examinations out of 175 students in this Year 12 cohort. Our students achieved an overall average score of 35 out of 45 whilst the global average was 31.

Our median ATAR for the IB Diploma Programme is 92. This is a wonderful result and truly reflects the diligence of these students and their teachers alike.

We can report that 21% of our first cohort have achieved an ATAR in excess of 98, and 63% have achieved an ATAR in excess of 90. These are very pleasing statistics. 

We congratulate Max Lindley for being named as Dux of the 2022 IB Diploma Programme with a score of 44 out of 45 which equates to an ATAR of 99.8. Hugo Walsh has been named as Proxime Accessit of the 2022 IB Diploma Programme with a score of 43 out of 45 and an ATAR of 99.45. These are exceptional individual achievements.

Further demonstrating the depth of academic achievement within our first International Baccalaureate cohort, five students achieved their Diploma ‘with Distinction’ by scoring 40 or more points. Our warmest congratulations to:

Max Lindley  44
Hugo Walsh  43
Xavier Fryer  41
Leo Hara  41
Sebastian Koelsch  41

A grade of 7 is the highest possible grade in an individual IB Diploma Programme subject, and represents an outstanding achievement. Grades of 7 have been achieved by students in a pleasing range of courses:  

Mandarin: Brian Mak
French: Leo Hara, Max Lindley, Laszlo Vodopivec
German: Sebastian Koelsch
Japanese ab initio: Xavier Fryer
Spanish ab initio: Hugo Walsh, Giulio Robilliard

Individuals and Societies
Economics: Hugo Walsh
Environmental Systems and Societies: Crozier Armstrong
Global Politics: Sebastian Koelsch
History: Sebastian Koelsch, Lincoln Rogers
Psychology: Hugo Walsh, Harry Pemberton, Max Lindley, Lachlan Yeung

Biology: Hugo Walsh, Harry Pemberton
Physics: Leo Hara, Max Lindley

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches: Harry Pemberton, Max Lindley
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation: Leo Hara, Xavier Fryer

The Arts
Theatre: Sean Hwang, Max Lindley

I am sure that upon consideration of these stellar results that you will join me in commending all of our Year 12 leavers. ​We will share the full results across both the HSC and IB Diploma academic pathways with you in the coming weeks.

The IB Class of 2022 have demonstrated tenacity, good humour and generosity of spirit in two years of challenging and disrupted learning. I admire them all.

To this cohort I thank you for your courage in choosing this pathway and cementing your moment in Cranbrook’s history being one of our first IB Diploma scholars, and I wish you all tremendous success in the next chapter of your lives. I very much look forward to hearing about your achievements as you move through tertiary education and beyond.

With warmest wishes

Yours sincerely

Nicholas Sampson