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A Message from the Headmaster: HSC Results 2022

A Message from the Headmaster: HSC Results 2022

Good Afternoon

It is with great pleasure that I write to share our Class of 2022’s HSC achievements.

These results are exceptional and reflect both the diverse academic strengths of our students and the dedication of our passionate and talented teaching staff.

I should like to make clear that today’s HSC results and the subsequent Sydney Morning Herald HSC Top Schools rankings, in which we are listed at 36, form only part of the Cranbrook Class of 2022 results as our first cohort of IB Diploma students will not receive their results until after 3 January 2023. The published school rankings, therefore, as is the case with all other IB Schools, do not form the whole picture of the Class of 2022’s academic performance. The combined HSC and IB results will be shared with you in due course. Nonetheless, to be ranked 36 with an overall Band 6 (90%+) percentage of 29% of all examinations undertaken by our HSC candidature is very pleasing indeed.

It was with great pride that we today welcomed back to the campus some of our Year 12 students for a BBQ to share their news, celebrate their achievements and learn more about their next steps. It was particularly poignant to hear the words of thanks from the students to their teachers for their support. 

Congratulations to Lachlan Harris who has been named as our HSC Dux with an outstanding ATAR of 99.95. This is an incredible achievement and reflective of Lachlan’s outstanding capabilities and focus. His ATAR is the product of a disciplined approach to his studies throughout his time at School and he deserves our warmest congratulations.  This is the highest possible ATAR, and represents an extraordinary individual achievement. Lachlan is one of just 48 students in NSW to have achieved this exceptional result.

Rick Honda and Jerry Hong have been named as joint Proxime Accessit of the 2022 HSC programme with an ATAR each of 99.9. These are further impressive results of which they should be very proud. 

We very much look forward to sharing with you the IB Dux and Proxime Accessit after 3 January when the IB Diploma results are made available.

This year we have so far identified that seven boys achieved a rank of between 99 and higher. Congratulations to:

Lachlan Harris with a top ATAR of 99.95
Rick Honda with 99.9
Jerry Hong with 99.9
Jack Zheng with 99.85
Angus Hutcheon with 99.45
James Saywell with 99.3
Jupiter Grant-Klar with 99.1

A full list of all our top ATARs will be made available in our HSC/IB joint results brochure early next Term.

It is also immensely pleasing to announce our students who have placed at the top of the State:

  • Lachlan Harris has placed First in State for Chemistry and Physics. This is particularly impressive as last year he also placed First in State for Mathematics Advanced and 7th in the State in Mathematics Extension 1 as an accelerated student.
  • Luke Sinden First in State in Drama.
  • Julian Zogg First in State in German Beginners which he studied externally.
  • Jack Dawson 4th in the State in Design & Technology.
  • James Scott Brown 7th in the State in Design & Technology.
  • Rick Honda 8th in State in Business Studies.

These results are truly reflective of the breadth of excellence across the range of HSC subjects on offer at Cranbrook.

Students who are eligible for naming on the HSC All Round Achievers List have gained 90% or better in ten or more HSC units. This year, 11 Cranbrook boys achieved a place on this prestigious list. Our warmest congratulations go to:

Charles Bruce, Jack Dawson, Jupiter Grant-Klar, Lachlan Harris, Rick Honda, Jerry Hong, Angus Hutcheon, James Saywell, Oliver Spira, Felix Swan and Jack Zheng.  

The Distinguished Achievers List names students who have scored 90% or above in a subject to receive a merit (Band 6 Result) in one or more subjects. We are delighted to announce that 100 Cranbrook students are featured on this list:

Guy Alder, Andre Anderson, Nicholas Bellay, Will Bromley, Charles Bruce, Zacharia Callaghan, Luca Cantwell, Matthew Carter, Myles Chow, John Coleman, Ashley Collins, Oscar Corah, Luke Cullen, Harrison Cunningham, Jack Dawson, Archie Dunn, Jacob Durante, Jack Earwaker, Nathan Farah, James Finkelstein, Louis Fletcher, Cooper Flint, Thomas Fraser, Jupiter Grant-Klar, Guy Guiney, David Harris, Lachlan Harris, Jasper Hayes, Angus Hayman, Joon Heimann, Jasper Hemmes Angelucci, Tobey Holland, Rick Honda, Jerry Hong, Angus Hutcheon, Felix Johnson, Ethan Jones, Samuel Jones, Thomas Keith, Alex Latimer, Thomas Laverty, Charles Lawrenson, Milo Ledvinka, Edward Lee, Joshua Lindon, Ethan Liu, Finn Lockett, Samuel Lotter, William Lyon, Henry Ma, James Maguire, Daniel Maher, Tom Marr, Brody Masnick, Jack Mayo, Finn McCulloch, Max McEgan, Sebastian Miller, Darcy Moffet, Sebastian Ng, Taylor Nock, James Olsen, Thomas Plunkett, Axel Purcell, Sebastian Robson, Nicolas Rodgers, William Saunders, James Saywell, Jackson Schutzinger, James Scott Brown, Thomas Scriven, Harley Sergis, Luke Sinden, Koda Sissian, Luis Soncini, Oliver Spira, Edward Strickland, Max Summerhayes, Felix Swan, Toby Symons, Arnold Tan, Kasra Tavakoli, Jet Taylor, Ching Hei To, Harry Vasudeva, Thomas Walshe, Dylan Ward, Arlo Weeks, Max Wenck, Hugh Whitfield, Alexander Wilson, Luc Wohlsen, Liam Wolfenden, William Wright, Chin Wu, Alexander Xylas, David Yetton, Edward Zahra, Jack Zheng, Julian Zogg.

This year’s merits came from a wide range of courses, demonstrating the cultural and intellectual breadth that exists within Cranbrook and this cohort. 

Our performance across the Arts is to be highly commended once more this year with a series of student nominations for possible inclusion in the following NESA Showcases and Exhibitions. Congratulations to the following students:

Shape 2022, the programme of exemplary major works from Design & Technology:
Jack Dawson – ChillGrip
James Scott Brown – Rota Oar (selected for inclusion in Shape, to be exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum from March-May 2023)

InTech 2022, the programme of exemplary major works from Industrial Technology:
Isaac Dunn – Traditional Dresser

OnSTAGE 2022, the programme of exemplary performances from Drama:
Individual Performances 

Oscar Corah – Terrorist Tantrum 
Angus Hutcheon – Les’ Tale of Woe 
Finn McCulloch – Assassins
Thomas Scriven – Curse of the Starving Class 
Luke Sinden – Thrill of the Chase
Kasra Tavakoli – The Servant of Two Masters 

Group Performances 

Max Collison, Finn McCulloch, Luke Sinden, Kasra Tavakoli – Fully Dressed Without a Smile 
Jack Mayo, Jackson Schutzinger, Thomas Scriven, Max Wenck, Joshua Wong – Life of Pi-rates

ENCORE 2022, the programme of exemplary performances from Music courses:
Milo Ledvinka 
Luke Sinden

I am sure that, upon consideration of these wonderful results, that you will join me in commending our Year 12 leavers. ​Further detailed analysis will take place as we receive full information over coming weeks and of course we eagerly await the IB Diploma results after 3 January. We will share the full results across both academic pathways with you early in Term 1 2023.

To the Class of 2022,  all that is left for me to say is that I wish you every success in all that you choose to do going forward and hope that you will take with you the love of learning and generosity of spirit that we have worked to cultivate within you during your time here at Cranbrook School. We are proud of you!

With warmest wishes

Yours sincerely

Nicholas Sampson