Message from the Head of Senior School - Term 1, Week 1 2017 - Cranbrook School

Message from the Head of Senior School - Term 1, Week 1 2017

02 Feb 17 by Jim Scott, Head of Sport

Our vision at Cranbrook is to create a world class school which encourages and enables all of our students to explore, enjoy and fulfil their potential. The question is, what does this actually look like in action right now? When you look around, do you see and experience this environment?

In 2017 we have rolled out a co-mission for the Senior School. This co-mission is our daily contract among each other, between students, staff, parents and our wider community. It is our rule, in the measurement sense that we can place against our daily habits, communications and relationships to test if we are aligned to the mission outlined above.
The co-mission of the Senior School is:

  1. Celebrate the individual
  2. Model and expect respect
  3. Strive for excellence
  4. Embrace global mindedness
  5. Lead through service
  • Celebrate the Individual we value difference at Cranbrook. It is not enough to simply tolerate difference; we seek to celebrate all creation. We aim to embrace diversity and allow it to enrich not only our present understandings, but our experiences and relationships. We have spoken often about love and generosity of spirit with our boys. This theme is at the heart of this statement.
  • Model and Expect Respect Celebrating individuality does not mean that you can choose to do whatever you want. When you choose to belong to a community there is an underlying responsibility to uphold integrity and the agreed values and standards of the community. There are high standards here at Cranbrook. It is our contract with each other to always present ourselves and relate together with the highest standards of respect.
  • Strive for Excellence – this is an ongoing action. It is not static. You don’t achieve it once and then that is it. Every ability group has a responsibility to strive for improvement. Every ensemble, every team. If you are in the Ds, or Es, you do not have a license to undermine excellence. At Cranbrook there is no option to participate or wear the wrong kit. We are all in. We are committed to excellence. The same applies in class. No one has the right to ever disrupt the learning of others and we each have a responsibility to strive for excellence.
  • Embrace Global Mindedness – We may live in the east of one of the most beautiful and affluent cities in the world, but our horizon must remain broad. We cannot live and learn in isolation. Our education and our broader lives must be lived in a global context.
  • Lead through Service – we are called through our founding as an Anglican School to serve others. We are also called to lead. Leadership is action, it is not position. If our students want to know what leadership looks and feels like, they simply must make a start, get involved, support an activity, encourage others. We must ensure that they do not seek out misplaced recognition.

These statements form our daily contract with each other as we strive to achieve the mission of Cranbrook School. May I encourage you to keep your son honest to our co-mission as we seek to ensure everyone in the Senior School is aligned.

Congratulations to:

  • Hunter Wright (Year 12, Woodward).  Hunter is our Head of Rugby Refereeing and is also a School Prefect. He has been selected for the ARU school student scholarship for match officials in 2017.
  • Alex Kairouz (Year 9 Wakehurst).  Alex won two gold and two silver medals at the recent State Swimming Championships. Alex will now go on and compete at the National Championships in April.

Please support and congratulate these boys as they strive for excellence in their chosen fields.

Year 11 Parent Information Evening Monday 6th February at 5pm in War Memorial Hall
I remind parents of Year 11 boys that an information evening regarding the commencement of Preliminary HSC studies on Monday evening from 5pm until 6.30pm.

Year 7 Parent Information Evening Tuesday 7th February at 5pm in War Memorial Hall
I remind parents of Year 7 boys that an information evening regarding the commencement of secondary schooling, the academic programme and student well-being will be held in the from 5pm to 6.30pm.

Main Teaching Block Refurbishment
Over the course of 2017 the Senior School teaching block will be refurbished level by level. Over the summer break the library has been relocated to Carter Hall temporarily. The previous library space on level 5 will now be converted to six new, inspiring teaching spaces that bring our vision for the whole Senior School building to life. The development also serves to support the decanting and refurbishment of lower levels, which we expect to comment in Term 2. Throughout the year I will update you regularly on the developments in the Senior School building.  We have carefully selected contractors that can guarantee us minimum disruption to students and staff.  As always, should you have any concerns please do get in touch.