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'A bequest is one of the most powerful ways to ensure the School will continue to offer the best possible educational opportunities for future Cranbrookians. There is no greater legacy than an investment in a child’s education.’ Anthony Abrahams (OC’61) Cranbrook Foundation, Bequestor

A bequest to Cranbrook School is a significant and enduring way of contributing to the future of the School. It is the simplest kind of planned gift with the donor making provision for Cranbrook School in his or her will. With no impact on your lifestyle today, a gift in your will is one of the most powerful ways you can be sure that Cranbrook continues to offer the best possible educational opportunities for young men.

A bequest makes an especially valuable contribution to the long-term planning for the School. In 2009 Cranbrook received its largest bequest from Old Cranbrookian Dudley Braham (1929).  Dudley’s bequest of $7.4 million gave the Headmaster and School Council confidence to proceed with the building of a new Kindergarten to Year 6 Junior School in Rose Bay. What a valuable and enduring legacy Dudley Braham has bestowed upon Cranbrook.

Dudley Braham (OC'29) Front row, far right.

Other smaller, but also significant bequests have been received which have supported scholarships, bursaries and capital works. Anyone who has indicated a bequest to Cranbrook is invited to become a member of the Cranbrook 1918 Society.

Cranbrook 1918 Society

The Cranbrook Foundation established the Cranbrook 1918 Society to honour Old Cranbrookians and friends who have remembered the School through a bequest in their estate planning. Membership of the Cranbrook 1918 Society is open to anyone who makes a bequest to the School. This can be through:

  • naming Cranbrook School as a beneficiary of a percentage of an entire estate
  • the gifting of a property or valuable artworks
  • naming of Cranbrook as a beneficiary of an insurance policy
  • providing the School’s future with another type of planned gift such as the transfer of shares.

The generous support of members of the Cranbrook 1918 Society has made a significant difference to the lives of all those within the Cranbrook community. For further information on making a bequest to Cranbrook please contact the Foundation office.

Your bequest can leave a lasting legacy

Leaving a bequest to Cranbrook is simple and will  have a positive impact on the School community long into the future. A bequest is a gift contained within a will and specifically reserves part of an estate for a particular beneficiary.

Bequests can be made in a variety of ways to reflect a donor’s wishes. They can be defined personal assets such as bonds, property, fixed sums or a percentage of an estate. Bequests are usually directed to the School for use at its discretion. Such unencumbered gifts allow the School the flexibility to use donations in areas of particular need.

Alternatively, bequests can be directed to a specific area of the School, such as a particular academic discipline; to a co-curricular activity; to an Endowment Fund; or to fund a scholarship.

Leaving a bequest to Cranbrook

We encourage you to discuss your ideas and plans for your bequest with the Cranbrook Foundation Office (telephone 02 9327 9565), especially if you prefer to tailor your gift to a particular purpose. We recommend that you consult your solicitor before finalising arrangements to ensure that they are appropriate for your personal wishes and circumstances.

By informing the School about your bequest, you assist the School’s long term planning to support important future initiatives and additionally the School has the opportunity to thank you in your lifetime. All bequest correspondence with the School is confidential.

Suggested wording for unconditional gifts or gifts to establish a scholarship, bursary or other form of financial assistance can be requested from the Foundation Office (telephone 02 9327 9565) or by returning the form included in the Bequest Form. The suggestions may assist your solicitor in the preparation of your will. If you have already made a will, you may simply add a codicil to include Cranbrook School – a straightforward and inexpensive procedure.