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Annual Giving

Provide a starting point for adventurous & courageous lives

The 2018 Cranbrook Annual Giving Campaign

Cranbrook is a distinctive school with a unique ethos.  We believe in equipping young people with confidence in their pursuit of excellence as we celebrate the creativity and diversity of human capacity.

Our plans for the future of this great school are motivated by a resolution to renew our core ethos and develop so that Cranbrook can flourish as it meets twenty-first century challenges and opportunities.

Our Annual Giving Appeal is an opportunity for the Cranbrook community to show their support for our school’s core belief.  The programmes you support help shape the destiny of our students and influence their impact upon wider society.

We are renewing and rebuilding our school, and this Annual Giving Appeal is a very important part of that process.  The plans for the future of Cranbrook are exhilarating and are based purely upon providing future generations of Cranbrookians with the best of chances as they head out into an increasingly adventurous, challenging and demanding world.

Any gift, however modest, will help us advance our plans enormously, and will set current and future Cranbrookians up for the challenges and chances to come.

Realise Capital Campaign

With the Senior School Building refurbishment now completed, we are turning our attention to the next stage of our Masterplan vision which will include; a transformational Centenary Building, a carpark under Hordern Oval and an Aquatic and Fitness Centre. Planning application is underway and pending approval we intend to commence construction in late 2018. The Masterplan vision will be programmed in a manner that reflects the financial capabilities of the School, its operational requirements and the final costs of delivering the vision.

Building Fund

This fund will support the renewal of the Senior School Bellevue Hill campus and our Wolgan Valley property which will realise teaching spaces that will inspire all who work in them.

At the Headmaster’s Discretion

Donations will be directed to the area most in need whether that is our programmes or facilities; all will have a direct impact on the opportunities we can offer our students.

Indigenous Scholarship

This scholarship will assist indigenous students whilst ensuring our broader community have the opportunity to learn from, and develop friendships with Indigenous Australians.

Martin Pitt Scholarship

The Martin Pitt Scholarship is designed to support recipients from a rural community and who shows potential as a leader, is a talented and passionate sportsman and displays a real desire to reach his full potential in all areas.

Matt Street Scholarship

The criteria for the awarding of this scholarship is that the recipient, who is entering Year 11, clearly displays community awareness and a keenness for sport.  Without this financial assistance they would be unable to attend Cranbrook School as a day or boarding student.