Statement from Cranbrook School: Martin Sharp

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Cranbrook School notes the article that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on 31 October that conveyed the terms of the will of Mr Martin Sharp.

The school was deeply saddened by Mr Sharp’s death in December 2013 and understands and accepts the wishes he expressed in his Will.  The school, however, wishes to correct any misconception that might have been created as to the nature of the relationship that existed between it and Mr Sharp at the time of his death.

Contrary to the impression created by the article, Mr Sharp has always been honoured by the school as a respected and valued former student and alumnus, admired for his artistic genius and creativity.  Particularly during his final year, a very close association existed between Mr Sharp and the school. The warmth of that relationship was exemplified by his collaborating with the school’s Art Department, his loaning some of his important works to the Year 12 College, for which Cranbrook’s students were very appreciative and grateful, and his express personal request that our Headmaster, Mr Nicholas Sampson, give a eulogy at his funeral to highlight the strengths of his bonds with Cranbrook.

May He Rest in Peace.