Cranbrook's Vision

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Mr Nicholas Sampson, Headmaster of Cranbrook School, defines what sets Cranbrook apart as a world class School, its distinctive spirit and commitment to academic excellence:

‘Our vision is to be a world class School which encourages and enables all of our students to explore, enjoy and fulfil their potential. 

We lead our students to discover and make the most of their talents, give their best and thrive in and love the pursuit of excellence.  Through the establishment of our Year 12 College, a unique study space for our most senior boys, and our accompanying Visiting Fellows Programme, we inspire excellence within the boys, responsibility for their own learning preparing them for university life and beyond.

As a School we energise the educational environment by offering a rich and distinctive schooling both within and beyond the curriculum.  We uphold the character of our Anglican foundation in order to promote the moral and spiritual development of each student and foster the principles of service. 

Cranbrook builds resilience and confidence so that each student can face the challenges of the twenty-first century with personal confidence, intellectual versatility, academic hunger and optimism.’