Boarding at Cranbrook: A Journey to Success

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Located four kilometres from the heart of Sydney on a beautiful campus overlooking Sydney Harbour, boarding at Cranbrook offers boys a strong supportive home in an educational environment which epitomises creativity and exploration.

With access to exceptional facilities and learning opportunities, boarding offers a whole education that empowers boys to recognise their own unique potential and achieve their best in the pursuit of excellence. Boarding is at the heart of School life and provides the boys with an experience filled with valuable activities and engagements

Indicative of the importance the School places on boarding, the two Boarding Houses underwent significant renovations last year, providing outstanding modern facilities in the School’s historic buildings.

Commenting on the recent renovations and the impact on the boarding community, Mr James Boyd, Director of Boarding said: ‘We’ve evolved our boarding facilities and environment to meet the demands of growing young men. As they grow they receive more space and independence.  The cultural ethos of a boarding house isn’t developed simply by the physical space alone but how that space is utilised – to integrate, to share, to live together as a family, to form deep bonds.’

Mr James Boyd continued: ‘We now have two boarding houses we’re extremely proud of at the heart of the School as places the boy can work, play and make life-long friendships. And, ultimately, be at home whilst they’re at Cranbrook.’

Boarding fosters a sense of difference and independence, and develops the important life skills and discipline so critical for life after School, equipping the boys for post-secondary and vocational success. Boarders have out of hours use of all the academic facilities such as the IT centre and library.  Supported by our outstanding boarding academic team, the opportunities for learning beyond the classroom are extensive.  Many of Cranbrook’s boarders appear on the ‘Headmaster’s List for Outstanding Academic Effort’ indicative of the significant resources that are made available to the boarding community.

Harry White was a fourth generation Cranbrookian and Head of one of our Boarding Houses last year.  He achieved phenomenal HSC results placing 10th across the State in Ancient History, 3rd in Economics and 4th in Legal Studies and an ATAR of 99.75 resulting in the accolade of Cranbrook’s Proxime Accessit 2014.  Harry believes that coming from the country to attend a school in the heart of Sydney opens so many new opportunities which would previously not have been available to him and are part of the broader education experience.  He says that: ‘education isn’t just confined to the classroom or to evening prep in the Boarding House. Cranbrook provides opportunities to explore and expand interests. Boarding is about learning new things, getting out of your comfort zone, and finding out what kind of person you can be and want to be.’

Mr James Boyd, added: ‘Harry White was an excellent student academically, a fantastic sportsman who represented the School at the highest level and took advantage of all the many opportunities that Cranbrook offers. He was a much respected member of the School community.  Harry epitomises all that Cranbrook stands for; a true reflection of the ethos of the School.’